Supreme Personality of Godhead

Krishna is often referred to as the “Supreme Personality of Godhead,” along with His many expansions, such as Lord Vishnu and Lord Ramachandra. Briefly, here’s why:

“Godhead” refers to the category of God, or the Absolute Truth. The three main features of Godhead are:

  • All-pervading spirit (Holy Spirit, or Brahman)
  • The localized representation in everyone’s heart (conscience, Paramatma, Supersoul)
  • The independent Personality who contains features 1 and 2 (Bhagavan, the Supreme Person)

“Personality” or personhood is the essence of all beings. The ultimate source, or Supreme Being, contains everything in the ultimate degree, thus “Supreme Personality.”

Krishna is also described as the original source of all other Personalities of Godhead. He expands Himself in as many forms as there are waves in the ocean. Each expansion or avatar (such as Lord Vishnu, pictured below) is equally omnipotent, yet Krishna is named as the original, like the original candle that lights many others.


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