Is it wrong to be pleased with myself for the spiritual progress I feel I’m making?

is it wrong to be pleased with myself from the joy of having finally felt what I believe to be moments of true transcendental meditation after several months of earnest attempts at it? Shouldn’t I rather be unattached to the outcome of my meditation? Did I slight myself by appealing to my lower self who felt pride in the break-through in being bereft of thoughts and not chained to them (even if only for a moment). I am having a very hard time defining what is ego and what is a worth while connection with my higher self.

Our Answer:
Hare Krishna! Thanks for your question.

Certainly it’s not bad to be pleased with yourself for achieving some spiritual insight or success. Generally a sadhaka, or aspiring devotee, holds his progress up to the test of guru, shastra and sadhu to determine the validity of his assessment. This means checking with scripture (shastra) to see if indeed the signs you observe are confirmed as valid indicators of spiritual advancement. Also consult your spiritual master (guru). The guru is empowered to assess the advancement of the disciple and can guide him/her to employ proper methods in moving forward. And finally, association and consultation with other devotees (sadhu) can help us to examine ourselves honestly and assess how we are progressing.

It’s difficult on our own to sort out our own ego and the will of Supersoul. Often the mind gets in the way and we confuse its desires with the real desires of the soul. Consulting with the three above mentioned experts can help us remain fixed on the right path.

Also, although it’s not wrong to be happy with genuine spiritual advancement, the true devotee is looking for the happiness of the Lord rather than acting for his own happiness. So be happy but at the same time continue to strive to please guru and Krishna! Their happiness will give us true satisfaction.

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