Yoga That Works

The yoga most people are familiar with isn’t meant for everyone. In fact, in this age it’s hardly possible for […]

A Wrath Supreme

By Dwarakadhisha Devi dasi Ferocious beauty. Red eyes glare out from a fearsome visage that writhes with rage. The form

Krishna’s Form

Transcendental Form The Vedas tell us that spirit is composed of eternity, knowledge (or consciousness), and happiness. Both God and

Who Is Worshipable?

The Sri Ishopanishad (Mantra 13) declares: anyad evahuh sambhavad anyad ahur asambhavat iti shushruma dhiranam ye nas tad vicacakshire “It

Krishna’s Avatars

Krishna repeatedly comes to this world in various forms to perform specific functions. Such avatars distinguish themselves by performing extraordinary

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