Spiritual Holidays

By Urmila Devi Dasi Holidays! A break from routine, a special mark on the calendar, a day that can absorb

Motivation for Obedience

By Urmila Devi Dasi Lord Krishna demands surrender, and Srila Prabhupada explains that without obedience one cannot attain to the

Observing Secular Holidays

By Urmila Devi Dasi The year is full of holidays and special events unrelated to spiritual life. Even in India,

Nursery Nectar

By Urmila Devi Dasi Two years old, Lalita Madhava sits with all her concentration focused on the book our 14-year-old

Just Say No to No

By Urmila Devi Dasi Three adults are taking a group of children on an educational excursion, and the “no’s” begin.

Higher Vocations

By Urmila Devi Dasi Srila Prabhupada’s educational systems are to produce high-class people, high not in wealth or status but

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