What kind of yoga is bhakti?

Question: What kind of yoga is bhakti? Our Answer: Bhakti-yoga is the relationship of loving service exchanged between a bhakta—devotee

The Yoga of Love

By Rohininandana Dasa One wet evening in 1972, when I was first learning about Krisna consciousness, I sat in a

The Yogi in the River

By Mathuresha Dasa Ages ago, Saubhari Muni was so accomplished at yoga that he could meditate underwater. Everything was going

Yoga for a Lofty Goal

By Nagaraja Dasa, from Back To Godhead magazine, #35-03, 2001 A dozen or so students gathered in the assembly room


Traditional yoga practitioner Yoga literally means to link with the Supreme. Yoga is often thought of as a form of
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